One of the best software development companies

One of the best software development companies
January 08, 2020  | 4 min read

Digital Knights recommend as one of the best software development companies. A worldwide network consisting of more than 300 of the best software houses, places our firm among the top 7% most reliable.

Digital Knights evaluates IT companies which focus on developing software. They help clients pick the proper tech executor for a project and connect them. 

To rate, six key tech, and business fields were carefully audited. 

The data shows that Technical Expertise and Code Quality, Project Management and Client Satisfaction are our strengthsAs a result, the authority on tech teams recommends as one of the best choices for running your next IT project. 

1.9 points better than the average IT company 

To become a partner in the Digital Knights’ network, a company must prove that they have high standards and the best quality in six tech and business fields. Below you can see how we perform in comparison to other software houses around the world. 

The overall scoring - we are one of the best software development companies

The overall score for is 8 points and the industry average is 6.1 which is 1.9 points lower. The chart also shows our ability to meet standards and expectations in specific different categories. 

How these points can be seen in the running of IT projects? 

80% of our clients develop another project with us 

Most of our clients continue engagement after the initial project. The average length of cooperation between and a customer lasts for more than 5 years

Jaroslaw Pilarczyk, CEO

– As an entrepreneur, I realize how important cooperation with a proven subcontractor is. is recommended by both Digital Knights and the influential portal, where we hold second place among the best .NET development companies. For our brand it is a distinction we are proud – Jarosław Pilarczyk,’s CEO. 

The graphics below show a view of’s performance in audited categories.

Industry average scoring vs scoring placing us among top software houses

Core values: respect & relationships 

We strongly believe that the core of a great relationship is to have defined and respected values. ¾ of our clients expand our relationship beyond the initial project due to our dedication to the project and how well we listen to them. 

At we are guided by the following values:

  • readiness to meet challenges,
  • predictability and transparency,
  • flexibility,
  • focus on people,
  • long-term cooperation,
  • constant improvement and curiosity.

Best software development companies. How are they examined? 

To connect a client with the proper company, the agency worked out its own methodology of due diligence

The methodology investigates the skills and capabilities of tech teams. This is a standardized and very complex process that describes and examines: 

  1. client satisfaction,
  2. key metrics of project management,
  3. the success of recruitment strategies,
  4. company culture,
  5. business and process maturity.

The audit involves the work of a great number of entrepreneurs and tech experts. During a 6-week period, Digital Knight’s advisors check how the company works as a whole. 

From the very beginning, we have had aspirations to become one of the best Polish software development companies. 

Data gathered

Of course, we were not completely perfect. Before giving their final rating, Digital Knights auditors gathered a lot of data about us. They: 

  • interviewed our employees and customers,
  • mapped the company type, market, and domain focus,
  • mapped certificates and awards,
  • collected clients’ data,
  • researched the engage model (core and non-core offerings) and services,
  • made a tech stack overview,
  • measured key metrics in the projects,
  • and gathered data and knowledge about recruitment processes and project management.

Below is the outcome of the audits. 

What can you expect? 

Digital Knights’ report highlights our strengths. These are the reasons why we are placed among the best software development companies.

Customer Journey 

  • Supportive forclient from the concept phase, through implementation to maintaining a live product 
  • High ability to effectively communicate. Translating complex technical language into plain English that most of the stakeholders can understand, reducing risk and strengthening alignment 
  • Close collaboration during the whole project lifecycle; responses to any unexpected risks in a timely and flexible manner 

Technical Expertise & Code Quality 

  • Every project has assigned developers to have a proper, daily code review process and to make sure that the knowledge about the project is not assigned to only one person per technology.
  • The recent adoption of QA Automation has been supported by new QA engineers for additional testing and infrastructure services, in addition to manual testing.
  • Tech stack roadmaps have been created for knowledge sharing of competencies, as well as to help bring about alignment regarding internal needs and the adoption of new technologies.

Company Culture 

  • An employee-oriented company with a large focus on providing an environment to gain and share knowledge. This involves a training budget, internal and external workshops, and most importantly constant collection of employee feedback. 
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings, all with the goal of alignment. Open discussions between the team lead to facilitating problem-solving solutions and strengthening the collaborative environment.
  • The team has one central source for truth and knowledge via a sharing tool through Confluence where all available materials and courses are openly published for easy access.

Client Satisfaction 

  • A client has the freedom to discuss anything with the developers, who are deeply involved in brainstorming not only about the technical part of the project but also the business problem and impact. 
  • Everything is transparent, the client has access to the project documentation, can see the code at any stage of the development, and can be a part of any meetings. Retrospectives are organized to make sure everything is efficient, to define issues that occurred during the last sprint, etc. 
  • Workshops and iterative meetings are organized with the client f2f to make the collaboration efficient. If something goes wrong there is always a chance to meet in person and discuss the next steps. 

Project Management 

  • The agile process is constantly being improved throughout many years of app development. Skyrise’s Agile Process is a set of internal rules which are followed to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 
  • Skilled Project and Product managers with extensive experience handling digital projects with a variety of client types, change management know-how and risk mitigation best practices. 
  • Clients have full visibility of everything at every stage of development. There are no barriers that prevent the client from contacting anyone from the team and asking questions directly if needed.

Business and Process Maturity 

  • A high level of the knowledge level of Agile, Scrum and overall SDLC, as well as expertise concerning project governance 
  • The company is growing at a pace that allows it to maintain the professional and personal growth of our employees while at the same time ensuring quality services and efficient communication.
  • A high level of knowledge of all stages of the production process and commercial experience of introducing and maintaining different platforms/applications in markets with a support team.  

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