Google design sprint — what we love the most...

Google design sprint — what we love the most...
November 20, 2017  | 2 min read

How much less stress would have been in my life if the Google Design Sprint had been everywhere - for good and forever. This method limits the effect of authority, repeated, and "can't be done" so much that I am surprised that it has not replaced all the meetings typical of corporate and non-corporate work methods.

1.Quiet brainstorming is a king

Quiet brainstorming squeezes you to a4 paper area, text and simple drawings — that makes you think a lot. This actully tests your idea already, making weaker ideas vanish.

In my opinion an anonymity of up to 80% is a great value. It's difficult to guess someone's style of writing or drawing, that creates a feeling of freedom that can stun and turn the emotions and creativity out of any danger.

It's easier to disagree with the CEO without giving a sticker dot on the project than interrupting his flaming speech.

Projects can be seen by the whole team and even the whole company — it influences the feeling of control and co-creation and gives you the opportunity to get considerably broader feedback.

google design sprint quiet brainstorming team

2. Team really together and in one direction

It's great to see people with diverse competences, focused on one task and one sense of well-being that allows for an engagement that not only motivates but energizes the mind. Team knows and feels sense of work that is going to be evalueted with users very soon. It's nice to know that the labour-consuming  work on pixel perfection or code clutter makes sense in the eyes of potential customers.

3. Decider is here

Quiet brainstorming is rated with stickers, each of a team has a certain amount — it builds the voice of the people — the technical, design and marketing and other but still the decider is taking final decision.  I really understand subtle distinction between product owner and UX team. The team isn't responsible for money, strategy and risks and it's really important to make the product owner feel in control. Google design sprint gives product owner or client all control over what will be selected and verified with customers, and a bit of dare to try something less conservative... It's sprint so we will know fast.

4.Time Timer — pretty accessory of google design sprint

Time counter invented for school kids is actually great for creative work — lets everyone see how much time is for every task. This visual clock really stops mess and gives possibility to work on topic in structured way. Helps to solve more in less time and keeps every area of project covered with just a little help from facilitator.

5. Meeting with people

Testing the project during the 5th day is a journey into another world ... I have seen many things that I have designed in the hands of real users. Patterns and good practices do not always work, because each mix is unique and it's hard to predict effects.

However, experience of user-testing transferred to many system developers is something quite different. I've noticed that this is the way to appreciate the work of designers and motivate for additional and sometimes tedious development.

All the time we get to know Google Design Sprint and I will inform you about he successes and failures that come along with it. Let's learn together! Stay tuned ;)


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