Join Folding@home

Join Folding@home

Natalia Figas
May 25, 2020  | 1 min read

Join the Folding@home project with your computer and help scientists to fight COVID-19!


To find a cure for the pandemic of COVID-19 the scientists from the Stanford University need a lot of computing power. That is why people from all around the world and help by joining the Folding@home project.

What is Folding@home?

Folding@home is a distributed project held by Stanford University, USA. The project aims to study protein folding processes, focusing on how the protein molecule is composed or acts.

With the Folding@home program, you share part of your computer's computing power to simulate the behavior of COVID-19 proteins.

How to join Folding@home?

To join the project you just need to install the Folding@home software and leave your computer running. The computer will connect via the Internet to Stanford's servers and download data for calculations. When it's done, the results are send back to the University.

IT Fighting COVID-19

The main focus of Folding@home project right now is COVID-19. As a software development company contribute not only computing powers to that matter but we also came up with the initiative of IT Fighting COVID-19.

By encouraging other IT companies to join Folding@home project, we promote the idea of bonding together and striking the virus with more power.

Our commitment

We are aware of the pressure the pandemic put on healthcare system, logistics and other industries. That is why we contributed our resources to other existing initiatives and organizations such as:

  • Worldwide Supply Chain Federation – responsible for the American initiative of cooperation between many organizations to give hospitals, governments, and large organizations a one-stop-shop resource to help those in of need of PPE.
  • #zwalczgokodem – Polish national initiative gathering IT experts and solutions to help in the fight against coronavirus ran by Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland.
  • Wemunity – an open source system where the recovered can be approved to provide assistance in keeping up critical societal functions.
You can read our statement here:


The power is in sharing the knowledge, so we encourage you to invite your friends, family and coworkers do join the challenge. Let’s fight the COVID-19 together!

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