The most valuable feature of an ideal partner for your digital transformation

The most valuable feature of an ideal partner for your digital transformation

Natalia Figas
April 28, 2021  | 3 min read

Digital transformation is quite a new concept. If so, how to find an ideal tech partner to support your company’s digital transformation?

Technology changes relations between a business and its surroundings. Because of new tech solutions, contact with your customers gets easier, communication with your partners is more effective and internal processes are streamlined. In other words, your enterprise is more efficient.

However, according to Forbes 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. As it turns out, a cooperation with the right tech partner is an essential element of the process.

The most valuable feature to look for in ideal tech partner for your digital transformation is a bit surprising. It is an ability to focus on you.

But before we go into a detailed description of that feature, let us talk about what digital transformation really is.

What is digital transformation?

Currently, digital transformation is being defined in two ways – in relation to internal processes or in relation to customer experience.

Activities assigned to transformation process are far more than just choosing a new digital tool and technology for a company.

‘Internal processes’ attitude

In the first case, digital transformation often has a ‘fear of being excluded’ background. Intermediary enterprises undertake the digital transformation to stay in business. Their concern is that their elimination is just a matter of time, even though they know their market well.

However, fear drives new ideas. Thanks to it, companies create new market segments, which in turn makes them enormously competitive.

Digital transformation in relation to internal processes focuses on:

  • increasing the efficiency of decision making, e.g., by introducing a data-driven decision-making approach,
  • building B2B relationships,
  • or introducting automation, e.g., by digitisation of document circulation.

These are just a few examples, of course.

‘Client-centred’ attitude

In the second case, digital transformation focuses on:

  • making working with your customer easier, e.g., by building self-service mechanisms,
  • offering your clients innovative products or services,
  • or increasing their satisfaction, e.g., by making your service faster.

The customers are in the centre of the change. The company builds value around them.

The right technology partner will help you evaluate what you should be focusing on during your digital transformation.


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Tech partner is primarily responsible for gathering knowledge

Knowledge is at the heart of the change. Your ideal tech partner will help you discover more about your market, clients, employees or other elements crucial to your transformation.

From the very beginning, your partner should approach you with a proposition of:

Such activities will map necessary information, stakeholders’ needs and requirements and evaluate if your initial idea for a digital transformation path makes sense and substantiation.

Get all the attention needed

As we said earlier, all focus should lay on your company’s goal. An attentive partner will ask you about your current situation, plans and possibilities.

The partner should have an entire workshop of tools to support you with. These include, inter alia, market research, demand research, requirements mapping, participatory research, etc.

Pay attention to partner’s methods – they should fit your company’s needs. It is important because the quality of gathered knowledge affects the success of the entire project.

Basing on the information, your technology partner will show you the possibilities of your digital transformation. One of them can be, for example, creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

A wide business knowledge

The ideal transformation partner will get you familiar with business concepts related to your situation.

For instance, when you want to streamline your internal processes, you might want to introduce a software solution to automate simple tasks. However, there is a great probability that your employees - when faced with a fait accompli – will reject the new tool and block the change process.

To avoid this scenario, your technology partner should familiarise you with the concept of the change management in advance. This way, you will be aware that before making any changes, you should obtain information from employees (e.g., employee experience), and then gradually transform the company's culture.

Explaining the process’s steps supports your plans in a positive way. The other advantage of the change management is that you do not waste time and money on a hit-and-miss strategy.

Medim’s success story

We helped Medim validate their idea for a new SaaS solution and accelerated go to market time with Google Design Sprint. Their initial idea was to develop their own software product for hospitals. The realisation of such a complex system would have taken years.

Our research proved that a similar solution already exists. Medim would lose not only time, but also the sales potential and the investment.

During our consultation services, we managed to change their business approach. In the end, Medim was able to reduce the scope of their project. The company also received a well-based recommendation for the acquisition of an existing product and was able to approach the market much faster.

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