among 7% of the best software development companies among 7% of the best software development companies

Natalia Figas
March 20, 2019  | 2 min read

We are aware that reliability and great communication skills are the most important features of a software house for business customers around the world. This is why, some time ago, we invited Digital Knights to audit our work from top to bottom and help us to improve the way we work. It turned out to be a great success.

Becoming a part of the best software companies circle

We are immensely proud to become a part of the Digital Knights network, as it puts us in the top7% of companies who are able to meet the high criteria required for approved partners.

The due diligence process made us realize important points for improvement and the whole team has worked and continues to work hard for a great final result, mainly through the ongoing improvement of our daily actions and processes inside the company.

About Digital Knights and the due diligence process

Digital Knights evaluate software development companies to seek out the highest quality tech partners and connect them to businesses and entrepreneurs for successful on-demand collaborations – taking products from conception to the market with confidence, speed, and cost-efficiency.

They carry out full-scale evaluations of development companies to accurately assess all essential technical and non-technical areas. For some companies, choosing a partner for digital product development can be very difficult and risky. This complex process ensures that Digital Knights bring together the right individuals, teams, and organizations for their B2B customers.

The whole due diligence process takes several months, and involves the work of a great number entrepreneurs and tech experts, who function as advisors for Digital Knights. Everyone involved in the due diligence process is highly experienced when it comes to cooperating with tech teams.

The auditors investigate all of’s abilities, not just in the area of technical skills, but also in project management, communication, sales, marketing, and business support.

How we were tested

The due diligence methodology for auditing the skills and capabilities of software providers and tech teams covers the following areas:

  1. Data collection, together with all aspects of the company’s culture
  2. Management screening
  3. Interviews with various team members
  4. Code quality and documentation review
  5. Client satisfaction – interviews with clients carried out through phone calls
  6. Meetings in our workspace
  7. The first project

Score high for great customer satisfaction

Digital Knights’ questions and feedback were in many respects eye-opening. Before we received the highest ever score, we needed to rethink some of our communication practices and become more open to receiving regular feedback from customers.

Nevertheless, the achievement which we put a lot of effort into makes us even prouder of the valuable work that our team members carry out on a daily basis. However, we do not intend to rest on our laurels. We are firm believers that we must never stop learning and we will use this achievement and the feedback we have received to continue to provide the best possible service to all of our clients.

Do you want to read a detailed report about our company prepared by Digital Knights? Contact us!

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