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Innovative solutions: big ideas or small projects?

How is it that Facebook or Google went from tiny companies ...

Wojciech Drewczyński

Jan 25, 2021

5 min read

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Why innovative companies use Google Design Sprints

66% of all executives see innovation as a top 3 management ...

Natalia Figas

Sep 08, 2020

4 min read

Natalia Pięta

Jun 18, 2020

7 min read

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Blockchain alternatives [in Supply Chain and beyond]

Sometimes when you read about blockchain, it seems to be ...

Marcin Budny

Mar 24, 2020

6 min read

Marcin Budny

Mar 10, 2020

6 min read

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Game Changers in End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Whether you are the CEO of a witty corporation or project ...

Maciej Lukas

Feb 03, 2020

5 min read