Take a sneak-peak in our office - Gdańsk

Take a sneak-peak in our office - Gdańsk

September 02, 2019  | 1 min read

Skyrise.tech has offices in Katowice and Gdańsk. Take a sneak-peak on them!

Our office in Gdańsk is in a business park Olivia Business Centre situated in the Oliwa district of Gdańsk, along Grunwaldzka Avenue.


The building where our office is located, Olivia Six, was recognized as the best office building in Central and Eastern Europe by the BPO industry.

The location is not accidental.

We chose it because it is essential that our employees feel that we are giving them the best things and experiences.

This feeling is taken care of by Martyna, one of the best recruitment specialists. If you talk to her, you will definitely find out about it.


Go ahead and apply for your dream job. Talking to Martyna will help you make a decision about employment at Skyrise.tech.

The concept of the interior of the Gdańsk office is consistent with that in Katowice. Some of our crew take business trips between the north and south of Poland. Thanks to a similar design, they always feel relaxed (😏), and at home.



We love to share our passions, e.g., e-sports like Fifa 😅.

Mobile application specialists are an essential part of the Gdańsk team. These people create solutions in the latest technologies (e.g., the awarded Parkanizer in Flutter technology), thanks to which our clients can ... change the world!

Change, revolutionize and improve 😎


Coffee + focus 🎯= productivity 🏭


Discussing the solution is a big part of our daily efforts 👩‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻


We eagerly share our experiences with others. That is why our projects go smooth! 😀

Each person brings experience to our team and willingly shares it with others.


Meetings are so much more comfortable in such a friendly space ❤️🌿



If you want to work with great people and in a terrific atmosphere, don't hesitate - join us!