Take a sneak peek in our office — Katowice

Take a sneak peek in our office — Katowice

September 01, 2019  | 1 min read

Hello from Katowice! We would like to show you our office space at Sobieskiego street. You're very welcome to take a look around and feel the spirit of our team 💙.

HR team

Those two pretty girls are our HR Managers. Karolina and Marta recruit specialists from different fields: from IT development to business to creative and administration.


Their efforts focus on acquiring the most adequate team members for our projects, so it's not an easy job. Aside from the competencies needed to participate in a project, they evaluate soft skills during interviews. Marta and Karolina (and Martyna from the office in Gdańsk) creates the team, take care of the spirit, organize events and do much more.

The office space in Katowice

Our team in Katowice work in an open-spaced, bright, and modern office.


On the walls, we put some symbols of the districts we work in - Upper Silesia and Gdańsk.


...and some other stuff ;) 


Notes on the walls

We know how important is to see the full context of the case our team works at the moment, so our walls and doors are notes-friendly.





The space in the Skyrise's office in Katowice is well-designed for cooperation. Sharing knowledge is equal to faster and better project development due to eliminating blind spots and bottlenecks. So it's natural for us to meet a lot by our desks and talk.Skyrise_office_Katowice_18-open-space



We took care also of the possibility to focus on the meeting or daily tasks. Our team meets in big and small conference rooms for brainstorming sessions, retrospectives, project meetings, and so on.






During the work, we take breaks to charge our batteries. The best way to do this fast is to eat a delicious breakfast together


or play soccer, of course ;-) But no matter how we relax, we just want to have fun.


Skyrise traditions

To maintain a team spirit we also have little traditions like popcorn Thursdays or hanging magnets form our trips around the world on the kitchen wall.



What we like the most are...

...the smiles that we see on our friends faces. It's the proof that they feel good in Skyrise Katowice :-)Skyrise_office_Katowice_19-team-leader3



We're happy that you visited us virtually. If you want to become part of our team, check current openings at praca.tech 👩‍💻.

Also, take a look at our office at Gdańsk and don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

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