4 tips on choosing a mobile app development company

4 tips on choosing a mobile app development company

Natalia Figas
April 01, 2021  | 3 min read

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, your business depends on the company you are building a mobile app with.

Because you want your app to be the best, right?

You want it to be intuitive, nice-looking, functional, idiot-proof and free of bugs, right?

And we can imagine, that throughout the development process, you would also wish for a quick MVP (Minimal Value Product), easy-going communication and adequate price for development services.

The cheapest is not always the best, but neither is the most expensive.

And the last requirement: help with publication and maintenance.

That is a lot of requirements.

But no worries!

We are here to help you find the perfect tech partner for your mobile app journey.

To make it easy for you, we prepared four tips on what to do in order for the research process to bring sweet and juicy fruits for your company.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into tip #1.

create the vision of your mobile app

Tip #1 Describe your idea to have a clear vision of your mobile app

In order to find a perfect match, you need to know what you expect from your future application.

Without a clear idea, you will just waste time and energy.

Briefly describe your initial business idea.

  • Will the app serve your customers, your employees, business partners?
  • What main functionalities should it provide?
  • When would you like to publish it?

You do not need to be very detailed with the description, because PMs from mobile app development companies will meet with you.

During the meetings, they will ask you different questions about the app and your requirements.

list your potential business partners

Tip #2 Make a list of potential development companies

There are three research methods to start building your initial list of potential developers:

  1. Google what you need (not recommended),
  2. ask your business partners for recommendations (semi recommended),
  3. or check aggregators (e.g., Clutch) (recommended).

Aggregators are highly effective and will save a lot of your time.

Your list should hold contact info, pricing details, your thoughts about the company, etc.

An Excel sheet with the name of a potential mobile app development company and their website will be enough.

Once you have a complete list of your potential developers, the next step is to filter some companies out.

In harmony with your requirements, of course, which we will talk about in a moment.

Developers aggregators

For the quickest information, use an IT developers base. There are many dedicated platforms:

  • appfutura.com
  • goodfirms.co
  • topdevelopers.co
  • sortlist.com
  • extract.co
  • businessofapps.com

...but, to be honest, Clutch is the most reliable source.

Clutch.co - the best for listing developers

Clutch.co provides handy rankings of the best developers (an example) and monitors what kind of services developers offer to clients.

You can filter the results out by:

  • service,
  • resource,
  • technology,
  • company,
  • country,
  • your budget, etc.

So, we highly recommend using filters to get quick and accurate search results. Put your potential partners on the list. But don’t judge them yet!


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check if you can trust them completly

Tip #3 Check ‘trust determinants’

There are a few things that you need to check to form an opinion (more or less).

  1. Portfolio
    Look for case studies on the prospect’s website and for mockups on platforms such as Dribble.com. These questions will help:
    • Does the prospect have any apps similar to yours?
    • Did the prospect work with your industry in the past?
    • Is the prospect in an acceptable time zone for you?
    • Does the prospect work with companies of your size?
    • Does the prospect work with Android, iOS, Flutter?
  2. Associations
    Is the mobile development company associated with any respected organisation? (an example)
  3. Awards
    Simple, as it is. Does the prospect have any awards? To get the answer look in ‘Company’s news’ or similar subpages (an example).

Cross out!

Cross out companies that are missing any of the trust determinants.

Why is it so important?

All the initial information that you gathered can help you estimate your future satisfaction with the collaboration at different stages of development.

The other reason is that you do not want to waste time contacting an unreliable agency.

ask detailed questions to avoid unclarity

Tip #4 Ask them questions

It is pretty important to know what your situation is going to be like if you decide to sign an agreement. Ask these questions to avoid unclarity.

  • Who will have full ownership of the code created by the agency?
  • Where will the code be hosted? Bitbucket, Github, somewhere else?
  • Does the estimation include every key factor that will influence your collaboration (research, UX and UI, app development, QA, maintenance, time for meetings)?
  • Will the agreement cover:
    • all services
    • intellectual property
    • a clause on confidential information
    • deadlines
make sure you sign a transparent contract

Bonus tip

If you choose your perfect developer and decide to sign an agreement, consult the agreement with your lawyer. This can create a space for negotiations.

Do you want to know the difference between agreements? Ask us questions! We will gladly help you to understand what a fixed-price contract and Time & Materials contract is.

Or maybe you are already looking for a seasoned tech partner to develop your mobile application? Contact us to get a quote!