[Webinar invitation] How to master Supply Chain Visibility?

[Webinar invitation] How to master Supply Chain Visibility?

Maciej Lukas
February 04, 2021  | 1 min read

Do you want to master Supply Chain Visibility? Implementing tracking technologies is the first step. Join us on the 4th of March 2021 for a free webinar and learn how to use QR codes, RFID, and IoT solutions like a PRO!

According to Gartner’s study, visibility across the end-to-end supply chain was placed at the top among the three most important funded supply chain initiatives for 2019.

Due to globalisation and growing expectations towards logistics, we can expect that supply chain visibility will gain even more attention in the next few years.

Fortunately, tracking technologies are here to the rescue!


Join our event!

On the 4th of March 2021, Skyrise.tech is hosting the webinar: How to master Supply Chain Visibility?

During the event, we will guest three tracking technology experts who will share with us amazing real-life case stories (and numbers behind them), usage examples and tips and tricks on using trackers to improve visibility of assets, fleet and shipments.

Together with Kizy’s, Logmore’s and Lyngsoe System’s speakers, we will consider:

  • How can your business benefit from introducing tracking devices?
  • Is there a bridge between your customer’s satisfaction, supply chain visibility and your company’s finances?
  • Who should explore the possibilities of QR codes, RFID, and IoT solutions?
  • How to implement tracking solutions like a PRO?
  • And how to master supply chain visibility?

Additionally, there will be a Q&A session to answer all your questions about supply chain visibility.

4th March 2021

2 PM CET (UTC+1)

Registration here: https://www.skyrise.tech/webinar-supply-chain-visibility/


Who will you listen to?

There will be five experts at your service. Get the unlimited access unlimited access to their knowledge and experience!

  • Bertrand Späth, VP Sales & Business Development from Kizy Tracking
  • Representative from Logmore
  • Christian Meinhardt, Sales Director from Lyngsoe Systems
  • Maciej Lukas, Strategic Growth Manager at Skyrise.tech, and a host
  • Natalia Pięta, Service and Product Designer at Skyrise.tech, and a host

Attention! If you cannot make it to the webinar, a recording will be made available shortly after it ends so that you can watch it at at a more suitable time.

If you have any questions about the webinar, tracking solutions or independent tests of tracking devices, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or set an appointment via my calendar when suitable for you.

See you on the 4th of March 2021!