What type of programmer are you?

What type of programmer are you?

Patrycja Paprotny
November 27, 2017  | 3 min read

MacGyver, Mad Scientist, Ninja, Architect or maybe Code Guardian? Check what type of programmer are you! Caution! This article is inspired by Skyrise.tech team and may affect your future career!

What type of programmer are you? Test yourself!


Mad scientist

what type of programmer are you - mad_scientistYou’re a mad scientist who loves to create innovative solutions as much as Dexter from the famous cartoon. Your hobby is to learn how to use new tools, text editors and frameworks to encourage others (like a maniac) to use them in your projects.

You’re always up to date – when you delve into the news, it is more likely that the apocalypse will come than you will be on time with your duties (assuming not meeting the deadline is not a real apocalypse!)



Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

At last! My greatest invention is now completed!

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

Words of wisdom

If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough.


what type of programmer are you - MacGyverAs McGyver said Always have a fire extinguisher, a bar of chocolate and a little bit of sulphuric acid with you. You’ll create the code even if the world comes to the end and your customer beats you with a whip.

A lot of tasks to do? No problem, you are master of multitasking and time is not your enemy, it’s your friend. You’re clever and charming. Everybody loves you because there is no need to wait for you.

But be careful with your code quality – it may be lost in a hurry!



Everyone knows that [...] something cannot be done until someone comes along who doesn't know that.

Words of wisdom

Hurry slowly!

The Architect

what type of programmer are you - architectYou’re the Architect! Like the Architect of Matrix, with your huge knowledge, you’re able to create everything anybody would think about. In one word – you know EVERYTHING – you’re god of theory.

You explore specifications to optimize and make perfectly clear code run faster.

You take all the possibilities into consideration and with write precise code which works perfectly and looks clear. Every line of code typed on your keyboard is in accordance with coding guidelines and may be a role model for Oxford students.


He alone is poor who does not possess knowledge.
The Talmud

Words of wisdom

An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.
Swami Shivananda

To err is human.
Seneca the Elder

Code guardian

what type of programmer are you - code_guardianBugs, tasks, deploys – beware! Here comes the greatest code guardian!

You’re not afraid of deep diving in code and your keyboard like a double-edged sword cuts the most problematic strings. The chequered pattern is your coat of arms and hallmark.

You enjoy respect among coders tribe, because you know how it’s like to work hard. You stick to the coding principles like nobody else and treat new challenges as an opportunity to gain more experience.

You prefer to sit with your code like a lonely wolf, but you realize that a cooperation is a key to success.


The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.
Thomas A. Edison

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.
Colin Powell

Words of wisdom

You must gather your party before venturing forth.
Baldur's Gate game


what type of programmer are you - ninjaThe great ninja, the least met persona amongst coders! You have an aptitude for programming.

You’re the lonely wolf who needs a lot of space, who knows that the practice and motivation are the keys to perfection.

You blend into the crowd seamlessly and adapt quickly to every situation, that’s why nobody even knows you’re a newcomer.

Although people sometimes don’t know your name, they immediately feel you’re present because everything goes faster. You come and go but you are still trustworthy and your knowledge and skills rescue a project not once.


For those regarded as warriors, when engaged in combat the vanquishing of thine enemy can be the warrior's only concern. Suppress all human emotion and compassion. Kill whoever stands in thy way, even if that be Lord God, or Buddha himself. This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat.
Hattori Hanzo

Unpreparedness is One's Greatest Enemy.
Yudan Taiteki

Words of wisdom

Don’t commit seppuku when something went wrong; start to cooperate with other people.


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